About Fast Jonny Custom Design

Welcome to my site!  Fast Jonny Custom Design was established in 2014 when I started offering CNC Plasma Cutting services to family and friends.  I use Autocad, Adobe Illustrator, and Cad-Cam software to turn computer designs into steel cutouts on a CNC Plasma Cutting Table.  From 2014 to today, FJCD’s capabilities have grown to supply customer’s with just about any custom metal art or fabrication service they could ask for.

The skills required to produce these items began long before 2014 however.  My father was an engineer designing CNC milling machines and lathes and taught me all the basics of CNC machining, welding, and general metal fabrication.  I also learned Autocad and further developed my welding and machining background through high school, college, and in my current role as a Project Engineer for General Electric (formerly Alstom Power).  These background skills were the foundation to my venture into CNC Plasma Cutting and Metal Fabrication services.

From Fancy Wall Art to Functional Life Creations to Custom Parts to keep the job moving. Bring your ideas and creations to me and I will help you make them a reality. If you need a custom sign for your business, a personalized gift for a loved one, or need something to hang your hat on with a personal twist, I can make that happen.  Coupled with my welding and fabrication abilities, I can produce 3 Dimensional objects as well such as a fancy metal waste basket, business card holder, ladder rack for your truck, etc.

Just let me know what you have in mind and we can being bringing ideas to something you can hold in your hand.